During This Period You May:

  • Do nothing and your current selections for medical and drug coverage will continue.
  • Opt for a Medicare Advantage plan rather than regular Medicare coverages.
  • Change Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Change Part D prescription drug plans, sign up for a drug plan if you don’t already have one or drop drug coverage.

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  • Each year from October 15th to December 7th Medicare’s open enrollment period allows Medicare recipients the opportunity to review the plan that they had throughout the previous year. It is the time to consider whether the current plans for which you have opted provide you with the coverage you need and to make changes if they have not.

  • Though open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act through its exchanges takes place within this time period as well, they are two distinct programs. ACA provides insurance to individuals and families who are not eligible for Medicare. If you are Medicare eligible, the ACA and its exchanges are not for you.

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