Nowadays there are companies which provide health insurance for self employed individuals at easy to afford premiums. If you are self-employed, finding affordable health coverage can be challenging but not impossible. We can prove that to you! Just apply online!

Find The Best Insurance Plans For Self Employed - Know What We Can Offer

At FreeInsuranceQuotation, we may assist you to find the best health insurance for self-employed people. Here is a list of some of our popular plans.

  • Open Access Plan: To save money, you may select a doctor from within our network. No referral will be needed for seeing a specialist.
  • Open Access Value Plan: Offers features that are very much similar to Open Access Plan but has a low monthly premium and higher deductibles.
  • Health Savings Plan: Open a Health Savings Account under this plan for paying your existing medical bills. Higher deductibles and huge tax advantages.

Our commitment to our customers is to help them get the best online health insurance quotes.

Get Benefited With A Low Cost Self Employed Health Insurance Quote Today

  • You have the freedom to choose individual health covers without need for any referral. It is possible to save money if you opt for a doctor from a huge Open Access Network.
  • One can even think of buying a dental insurance as an option. Take advantage of a wide range of services like regular check-ups, X-rays, root canal treatments or fillings.
  • Receive a prescription for drugs right at your home as we offer free delivery services. Enjoy convenience from the comfort of your house.
  • Free online services for health management for finding a doctor, paying monthly premium, viewing status of credit rating and printing temporary ID card. Also learn about maintaining a healthy life style.
  • Get special discounts for managing your weight as well as nutrition, maintaining body fitness, leaving tobacco, etc.
  • To get detailed health information and for finding the exact kind of services you need benefit with our 24/7 online nursing assistance.

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Check Eligibility To Secure Affordable Self Employed Health Insurance Premiums

By qualifying for the best insurance for self-employed, you may take advantage of various itemized tax deductions. Besides, you could secure a comprehensive health care coverage for a much longer term for insuring you and all members of your family.

  • Determine Of Eligibility On A Monthly Basis: As eligibility is determined on a month to month basis, one can claim write-offs on health insurance premiums only after few months. People, who have left job can claim deductions on premiums paid for coverage, if they have worked with an employer for 6 months.
  • There Is A Limitation For Earned Income: Amount of deduction claimed cannot exceed the amount of money earned. And if your proprietary firm reports tax losses for the year, such deductions cannot be claimed as there is no income generated.
  • Partners in business and LLC members: Persons who are being treated as partners for the purpose of taxation can also fall within the definition of being self-employed. You could claim deductions under this category if you are paying health insurance premium.