Military Car Insurance

What Do Our Military Car Insurance policies include?

  • Multi Car policies.
  • Policies available for serving personnel aged 21 and over providing 1 years no claims bonus.
  • Immediate cover available.
  • Policies include on base coverage.
  • Premiums may change if you get posted.
  • Business mileage coverage.
  • BFG policies available for customers outside of the U.S.A.

When deployed, military car insurance is probably the last thing a member of the military wants to think about

Get Military Car Insurance In 5 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Contact the USAA
    The USAA, or United States Automobile Association, is the most popular provider of military car insurance. They offer great deals on insurance; they provide free online quotes for members and non-members alike. To do this, visit the USAA website and click on "Products and Services," then "Insurance" and choose "Auto Insurance" from the drop-down menu. You can find the "Get a Quote" feature on this page.
  • Step 2: Contact the AFI
    The AFI, or Armed Forces Insurance, is another major source of auto insurance for military personnel. The "Quote and Compare" feature, which you can find on the front page of their website will give you instant military car insurance quotes which you may use to compare.
  • Step 3: Contact Other Providers
    Although the USAA is the number one source of military car insurance, other providers may offer military car insurance discounts as well.Free Online Quotations search engine goes through a complete database of military car insurance companies. Let FIQ’s search engine check the rates of other providers, helping you find cheap military auto insurance is our number one goal. When searching, specify that you are or were a member of the military, contact the insurance providers by phone to inquire about available military car insurance discounts.
  • Step 4: Compare Rates
    After our search, you should have a fairly substantial list of military auto insurance quotes. All things being equal, it should be simple to pick out the best deal for you: just look for the lowest rates.
  • Step 5: Get Insured
    Once FIQ’s military insurance quotes have found you the best policy, contact them through their website or phone. A company representative will be able assist you through the process of getting military car insurance to cover your vehicle. In order to expedite the process, make sure you have any relevant information already on hand, like your driver's license, car's VIN, and social security number.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Other Special Auto Insurance For Military Personnel

If you are deployed and need storage for your vehicle, ask you insurance company about their policies. Auto insurance for military personnel should have considerations for deployed personnel. You may need auto insurance during your deployment. It would be a good idea to speak to your military auto insurance agent about the procedures for storing your vehicle and driving in a foreign country.

FIQ specializes in helping you how to get military auto insurance and the best rates possible. Besides the standard questions, there are certain things that you should share when you shop around for military discount car insurance:

  • Your driving record.
  • Your vehicle’s safety record.
  • How often you use the car (especially if you do not drive your car to work).
  • Home ownership.
  • Smoking status.
  • Where you keep the car.

Military Car Insurance: Discounts, Companies And Quotes

A number of insurance companies offer cheap military car insurance. Discounts apply to young drivers and those who are veterans too, and often to those who are spouses or adult children of those in a branch of the services.

Discounts are available for military personnel because they and their families are considered a special case scenario. Because of deployment and frequent moving around, military personnel and their families would be penalized and charged higher rates if they had no special provisions.

In the past, when deployed overseas, military personnel often chose to discontinue their coverage. This became an unwelcomed gap to car insurance companies, and they lost their military car insurance discount as a result. Now, companies usually give a waiver to a member of the armed forces, letting them maintain their discount.

Emergency Deployment Discount

The department of defense considers some areas of the world to be extremely dangerous. If you are being deployed in that area, and have your vehicle stored in an approved storage facility, you are eligible for the emergency deployment discount.

Check with your insurer to see if they offer this discount. Some insurers offer other military discounts to members of professional military associations, such as the AFSA, AUSA, etc. Again, check with the insurance company to learn the exact details.

Comparison Shopping:

FIQ’s search engine will find you the cheapest military car insurance quotes. When searching for Military car insurance companies, start with a company you have insured with in the past. Be sure to tell them of your active duty, retired or reserve status, and inquire about all the possible discounts for which you may be eligible. After receiving the first quote, don't stop there. With FIQ, the work is done for you. We will check with several competitors. We are the experts on where to get military car insurance quotes.


Thankfully, there are a few companies that specialize in military auto insurance discounts and all of them have extensive experience in this field.


USAA, the United Services Automobile Association, specializes in services for the military, including cheap military car insurance. If you remain accident-free for 5 years, your premium won't rise if you have one just accident.

They're very alert to military needs, and can arrange premium payments according to your pay schedule.

USAA is one of the leading companies for working with military personnel in the US, and very flexible to needs and changing situations, including deployment to danger pay zones.


GEICO is one of best companies for dealing with military personnel. The company offers a 15 percent discount to everyone on active duty, as well as to retired military personnel and active or retired National Guard members. This can lead to great savings.

GEICO also offers cheap auto insurance for the military sent into danger pay areas. These emergency deployment discounts apply to anyone deployed to these zones, and are in effect as long as your vehicle is stored under one of the company-approved storage protection plans.

They have a dedicated Military Assistance Team, made up of former service personnel. Whatever branch of the service you were in, even the National Guard, you qualify for the discounted military car insurance. There are payment plans available, and a 24-hour helpline for those who need it.

Armed Forces Insurance

Working with Progressive, Armed Forces Insurance offers insurance in 10 states, and also offers cheap car insurance for the military in another 28 states. They have most of the country covered.

Armed Forces Insurance is a member-owned and non-profit organization, setting it apart from other insurance companies. Members have access to the company 24 hours a day via the Web, which helps if you are stationed remotely. You do need to have the paperwork to prove you are serving, or were honorably discharged, and then you may qualify for a discount. Membership of AFI can include spouses, children, and also widows.


You have yourself and your family to consider first and foremost, but unfortunately, these matters must be dealt with. Many insurance companies offer discounts for military personnel, but make sure you will not be penalized for discontinuing coverage while you are deployed. There are many respectable insurance companies who appreciate what you do for your country. Let FIQ ease this difficult time by finding you the cheapest military car insurance quotes on the internet.