If you are on the lookout for a short term healthcare policy for protecting yourself from medical expenses which are likely to arise if faced with unexpected illness or accidents then we may be able to help you in finding a solution that fits your budget.

Here’s What Our Short Term Health Care Insurance Can Offer You

Our short term heal care plan may offer you the following key features:

  • Cover for all types of hospital services
  • Coverage for diagnosis of diseases or illness
  • Expenses on drug prescriptions and office visits
  • Costs incurred on physical and occupational therapy

When A Short Term Healthcare Insurance May Be Your Best Option

You may think of exploring different short term medical insurance plans offered by us if:

  • You find coverage provided by your employer insufficient
  • Your employer coverage is yet to begin
  • You have graduated recently and are on the lookout for a job
  • You are nearing your retirement after which you cannot get Medicare policy

A few short term health care plans may also allow a buyer to pay entire premium upfront.

Short Term Health Care Plan - Know How It Actually Works

Typically, short term health coverage policies work very much like “indemnity” plans. By getting a policy of this type, you can visit any doctor you like. However, you must get a pre-certification from your insurance provider before your getting hospitalized.

Securing A Short Term Health Care Coverage – What Will Cost You

The premiums charged for short term health care coverage could be low as such covers are normally offered to healthy families. Nevertheless, some policies may require buyers to pay money for deductible on every injury or illness sustained.

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Get Benefited With A Low Cost Short Term Health Insurance Plan Now

  • Buyer can offer health coverage during various transitional phases in life
  • Buyer can select deductible, coinsurance and amount as well as length of coverage
  • Buyer can select deductible, coinsurance and amount as well as length of coverage
  • Buyer is entitled to receive $50 co-pay if getting treatment at some Urgent Care Facility. In such cases, even deductible may be waived.
  • Buyer can buy health cover online and also get confirmation of materials and ID card almost instantly.
  • Buyer has plenty of options for choosing deductible
  • Buyer may take advantage of a free 10 day look period
  • Buyer can get a short term cover for 6 or 11 months depending upon the state in which he lives
  • Buyer has the option to pay the premium upfront.