What Is Child Life Insurance Policy?

An insurance policy in which a child is the main beneficiary is called a children’s life insurance plan. Usually, parents get such policies for specific amounts to secure financial protection for their child.

Most of the companies may also provide child rider option on parent’s life insurance cover and amount of coverage attached to such a rider could be between $10,000 and $20,000.

We may assist you to find some of the best whole as well as universal life insurance programs available in the market

Who Needs A Child Life Insurance Plan?

Parents normally prefer getting a child health insurance when their children are below 18 years in age especially as they depend on them and do not have any monthly income.

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Few Benefits Offered By a Child Life Insurance Policy

By securing a low cost dependent child life insurance coverage, you may secure the following advantages.

  • Premiums charged for children’s life insurance could be highly affordable
  • Insurance coverage provided can be extended and continued through adulthood
  • Parents could be entitled to receive medical or funeral expenses in case of child’s death
  • It is possible to covert a children’s life coverage into adult cover at 21 years.

Explore the Best Child Insurance Plans Online Today

Get your child’s financial future with an affordable life insurance plan. Secure fixed premiums for an entire life span by taking advantage of their good health.

Besides, with our help, you may even locate a low cost rider for your children’s life insurance cover.

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List of options for Childs life insurance:

  • Permanent Life Insurance Policies: Qualify for guaranteed and level premiums to launch your child’s financial future to a great start and make them happy.
  • Universal Life Insurance Policies: Insure your children with the best possible coverage which has a value that can be capitalized later on in his life.
  • Child Whole Life Insurance Policies: Find a policy with enough equity and guaranteed as well as level premium that accords complete protection to your child for the whole of his life. The plan also yields dividends which may vary every year.
  • Children's 20 Pay Life Insurance Policies: This is a special plan for a full 20 years which has guaranteed equity and level premiums throughout the cover.
  • Insurance Policies With Child Riders: Parents may get child riders granting temporary coverage on their existing life insurance policy for their children in the age group 0 to 20 years old.

Research Low Cost Child Life Insurance Plans Online

Find a reputed company which provides an easy to afford children term life insurance plan with active guidance from a licensed local agent. Verify credentials of the firm, which you have chosen, by contacting the Insurance Department in your state.

Contact your current life insurance provider and see if a child rider against present life insurance cover can be obtained. Also determine whether your employer offers life insurance coverage for your child under employee benefits. Use internet to compare quotes secured from several different companies.