Learn How To Get Non-Owner Car Insurance Fast And Easy

What Is Non-Owner Auto Insurance?

An insurance policy which offers financial protection against injuries to any person’s body or damages caused to his property while driving a car that is not owned by you is called non-owner insurance. Such types of auto insurances could be best suited for drivers residing in big cities where there is not enough space for parking owned vehicles.

There may be people who either rent or borrow cars as per their need and they may think of getting a non-owners car insurance quote. The main purpose of securing a cover of this sort centers around the fact that it provides liability protection to a driver who drives a rented or borrowed car on city roads in the event of an accident. The policy will pay the expenses incurred in such situations.

A non-owner car insurance policy could offer coverage for damages which are not covered under any of the standard insurance policies meant for car owners

Non Owner Car Insurance - What Is Covered Under It?

If you are thinking of either borrowing or renting a car and get an insurance cover of this type, you may be able to secure the below mentioned benefits.

  • Catastrophe: Non-owner auto insurance policy quotes could offer financial protection to drivers who drive borrowed or rented cars from catastrophic events like accidents or collisions wherein the vehicles get destroyed functionally. Such coverage can be helpful to an individual who has got a car on lease.
  • Vehicle Theft: By obtaining a non-ownercar insurance quote, you could also secure coverage for theft of gadgets fitted in a leased or borrowed car or theft of the car itself when parked.
  • Fire damages: Another major advantage of getting a non-owner auto insurance quote is that such a cover may also protect you in the event of a fire in the vehicle which you have rented or leased. Fires can cause huge losses in cars.

When Is A Non Owners Auto Insurance Your Best Option?

You may buy non-owner car insurance online coverage if you do not own a car but need to rent one occasionally for enjoying weekends or going for business trips. By purchasing this type of a car insurance package, you could get financially secured from losses such as:

  • Body Injuries: A non-owner car insurance cover will pay costs incurred on medical bills of driver as well as fellow passengers who might get involved in some accident because of negligence.
  • Property Damages: Such a policy could also cover expenses incurred on repairing the car that is rented or borrowed if it gets involved in an accident on account of your negligence.

Non Owner Liability Car Insurance - What All Is Not Covered

However, apart from the fact that non-owners car insurance provides coverage to only those cars that are rented or borrowed, such policies do have some limitations. The policy may not protect you if:

  • Car being driven is registered in your name
  • The car you are driving is titled in your name
  • You are driving a vehicle that is work related
  • Non-private type of passenger car is driven
  • You drive a car that is owned by family member
  • The vehicle got by you has been loaned to you
  • A rental auto insurance cover has been already secured

Useful Steps To Find The Best Non Owner Auto Insurance Cover

If you are looking for a cheap non-owners car insurance proposal, you may take the following aspects into consideration so that you obtain the best deal.

  • Research Options: You may think of adding yourself as an additional driver in an existing car insurance cover which has been secured against the car that you are planning to get on rent or borrow. By doing so, you may not be required to buy a non-owner vehicle insurance.
  • Research Expenses: While trying to find a non-owner auto liability insurance cover, it may be essential for you to compare premium rates being offered by different companies and also determine how frequently you will be using the vehicle. If you are planning to rent a car for a long time, the costs could be higher.
  • Examine Cover For Specific Situations: Find out if non-owner insurance could provide coverage for your specific situation. Usually, companies may not offer such kind of insurance for work related situations or if the car that is being got on rent has been registered in the name of its original policy holder.
  • Research Protection For Damages: Sometimes, non-owners policy car insurance does not cover financial losses caused by injuries to driver or another driver involved on an accident. So it could be better if you know if the car insurance company you have chosen covers liability damages for both parties involved in a collision.
  • Examine Insurance Plans For Assigned Risks: These types of insurance plans could be subsidized by insurance providers as they may be specifically designed for consumers who could find it difficult to purchase auto insurance covers at market rates. A car insurance company could offer a non-insurance coverage as per rates charged for this type of cover.

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Benefits Offered By A Cheap Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy

The main advantages of getting a non-owners auto insurance policy are as follows:

  • Cost Could Be Low: Since it is a temporary insurance coverage, such a policy can help you to save up to 30 or even 40% on your rented car insurance costs.
  • For Urban Drivers: People living in urban areas could be real beneficiaries of non-owner car insurance policies. As a part-time driver, such coverage can be useful especially for borrowed rides.
  • Limited Time Cover: A non-owner policy auto insurance could be one the best options for drivers who could be delivering cars for auctions at various destinations within the country.
  • Peace Of Mind: Drivers who rent or borrow vehicles may enjoy peace of mind by getting a non-owner insurance coverage as they can focus on their trip without having to worry about the miles being driven.
  • Sense Of Responsibility: Obtaining a non-owner policy car insurance for any trip could indicate a sense of responsibility being exhibited on the driver’s part. This may accord financial safety to the driver.