Every state prescribes minimum limits for liability insurance coverage that a driver must get to drive his vehicle legally within the state. A cheap no-fault car insurance cover, which is also called the “Personal Injury Protection” coverage (PIP), could be aimed at covering medical expenses that a person is likely to incur if he meets with an accident.

Coverage of this type may be distinctly different since there could be no particular procedure for determining who exactly could be at fault

What Is No Fault Auto Insurance?

A no fault insurance policy could be defined as a coverage which an insurance provider offers to drivers within a state to cover up expenses incurred on damages during accidents notwithstanding the fact whether a driver is at fault or not. By securing such coverage that is mandated by state driving laws, a no fault insurance company is responsible to pay economic losses arising in the aftermath of your car accident. Some aspects such as medical or hospital bills or loss of wages could get covered under the contents of such a policy. Besides, such a proposition eliminates need for filing law suits.

List Of No Fault Auto Insurance States

As of now 13 states in the U.S. make it mandatory for drivers to obtain no fault liability insurance covers. These include Pennsylvania, New York, Utah, New Jersey, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Kentucky, Florida and Colorado.

Such no fault medical insurance policies can be helpful in saving time while filing claims as, under contents of such a policy, all parties involved in an accident could be equally responsible for the resulting situation.

Nevertheless, it could be essential for a buyer to know what all may be covered under a no fault car insurance. Here is some vital information regarding the same.

  • Medical Coverage: Some basic expenses incurred on medical bills could get covered under a medical no fault insurance policy. As a result, if a driver or any other person gets injured during the course of a collision, he could be able to receive financial help when most urgently required. There could be no need to file a suit in the court for settling such claims and the issues related to expenditures may be settled without any problems.
  • Loss Of Income: If a driver suffers injuries that do not permit him to work for some time, a no fault accident insurance coverage could reimburse wages for such period of time. This could also enable the driver to overcome any financial crunch which he may face during post accident situation.
  • Additional Services: Although other services offered under a no fault car insurance cover could be limited, in some circumstances certain additional or replacement services may be provided. For example, if a driver is suffering from injuries which do not allow him or her to perform few daily tasks, a no fault vehicle insurance may provide cash benefit for getting such work done on a temporary basis. Getting a babysitter to take care of children could be one of these.

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How No Fault Insurance Works? Read This To Get An Understanding

  • Basic Premise: If a driver has secured a policy as per no-fault state insurance law and he gets involved in some unforeseen incident like accident, he could file a claim with his insurance provider to recover the losses. The insurance company will be liable to pay the damages incurred even if the driver is at fault during the accident. In fact, such a proposition allows drivers to secure benefits almost immediately. He need not wait for the insurance provider to assess the damage and determine whose fault it was.
  • Filing Of Lawsuit: If a driver suffers from severe pain arising out of injury during an accident, he may file a lawsuit against the other party for receiving compensation for getting treated despite having coverage under the state’s no fault insurance laws. The threshold in terms of money for such types of lawsuits could vary from state to state. While some states prescribe limits for remittances of medical bills, few others may prescribe a threshold limit based on the type of injuries suffered. This may include probabilities such a death of the driver or disfigurement, etc.
  • Insurance Payment: The company which provides a no fault auto insurance cover will be responsible for paying damages caused to vehicle or the persons involved even if the buyer avoids securing such payments for the fear of a rate increase. Remember, in such type of a car insurance coverage, the company will directly pay money to hospital or garages.

Learn How To Secure A Low Cost Automobile Insurance Fast And Easy

A company which offers no-fault state insurance policy may be of the belief that both parties involved in an accident must be responsible for their damages or losses suffered. To that effect, here are some methods through which you may get a cheaper no fault auto insurance cover.

  • About No Fault Car Insurance : Every driver who gets involved in an accident could be responsible to file claim damages which his car sustains. The need for a court case does not arise; all that you need to do is just contact your insurance agent and ask him if it is possible to shift over from an existing policy to a new one that provides the same type of coverage and that too at a reduced rate.
  • Shop For Finding The Best Rate: To qualify for the best price rate on a no fault vehicle coverage as per no fault insurance law in your state, it could be important for you to engage yourself in some detailed comparison shopping. You could take advantage of fast online processes and obtain free quotes from different insurance companies. Fill and submit single application form online and get multiple proposals within minutes of submitting application.
  • Determine Your Financial Budget: First find out how much coverage you actually require. One must not forget the fact that each driver has different types of need and requirements. A no fault vehicle insurance cover could be ,most apt for risky drivers as such a proposition may enable them to save money and at the same time stay away from getting sued after an accident.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): The type of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage could be different in each state as the cost for medical costs, loss in wages, etc. varies from state to state. In some states, drivers do have the option to choose PIP coverage as well as get a no fault insurance for their vehicles. A no fault auto insurance could help them to save money especially if they get involved in accidents.

Get Benefitted With A Cheap No Fault Auto Insurance Online Today

The main benefits of obtaining a no fault car insurance policy are as follows:

  • Coverage could be cheaper than a comprehensive insurance package. Consequently, it is most suited for older vehicles which have lost their values.
  • Regardless of whoever may been the cause of accident, you will be financially protected
  • If a driver suffers from pain and severe injuries, he can file a claim subject to the clause that the injuries meet some conditions.
  • You do have the choice to choose between a comprehensive car insurance coverage and a no fault cover.

3 Important Guidelines For Finding The Best No Fault Auto Insurance

A no fault vehicle insurance coverage could be one of your best options if you take the below mentioned aspects into consideration.

  • Switch From Existing Car Insurance: If you feel that a no fault auto insurance is right for you, call your current car insurance company and find out if you can switch over.
  • Contact Other Insurance Providers: You may also contact some other insurance companies to check what kind of rates they are offering on no fault car insurance covers. Comparison shopping could enable you to locate a firm that might provide you with the best rate.
  • Determine Your Financial Budget: First find out how much coverage you actually require. One must not forget the fact that each driver has different types of need and requirements. A no fault vehicle insurance cover could be ,most apt for risky drivers as such a proposition may enable them to save money and at the same time stay away from getting sued after an accident.
  • Strike Balance Between Needs And Budget: Each person’s insurance needs could be different and so monthly budget also vary accordingly. Hence, it is essential for you to strike out a balance between your individual needs and budget. Determine what is right for you and how much you can afford before making a decision. Those who have met with an accident know that a no fault vehicle insurance coverage can help in avoiding getting into the hassles of a court case. This type of an auto insurance cover may enable drivers to solve financial problems arising post accidents.