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Given a chance everybody will want to lower the cost of motorcycle insurance. But cheaper insurance covers for insuring bikes may not always guarantee sufficient protection. Nevertheless, if you get some proper information on the subject, you may be able to secure motorbike coverage that fits your budget. provides you money saving tips that can help you understand the value for your money.

Know Crucial Factors That Affect Cost For Motorcycle Insurance

  • Type of bike being driven
    The insurance cost will depend on the kind of motorcycle you are driving. To that effect, high powered bikes will require more money to get insured as compared to midrange cruisers.
  • Driving record and age
    Premiums offered for insuring motorcycles could vary depending on the past driving record of the driver and his age. Accordingly, young risky drivers may be charged more for the process.
  • Location of residence
    Insurance rates for motorcycle covers will also vary as per locations in which bike drivers reside. Normally, the premium prices for those dwelling in urban areas will be much higher
  • Driver’s experience and skills
    The cost to insure a motorcycle will be more if you are a first time bike rider but if you experience of driving a motorbike on road, the premium will be less.
  • Choosing deductibles
    It could be possible to get your motorcycle insurance rates lowered by getting your deductibles raised. But for a higher deductible, you will have to pay money from your pocket.

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Useful Tips For Reducing Average Cost Of Motorcycle Insurance

  • Take a training course - If you are new motorbike rider, it could be advisable for you to undertake a training course. This will help in qualifying for a lower insurance rate.
  • Drive bike with care - Lowest rates are usually provided to those who are not engaged in too many traffic violations or collisions in the past. So make sure you drive your bike carefully.
  • Get anti-theft device installed - One way of lowering the motorcycle insurance cost is to get some anti-theft device installed on it. This may enable you to obtain a special discount.
  • Buy a bike that is less expensive - Cheaper bikes will cost less to insure unlike expensive sports motorcycles. For example, insuring a cruiser can be expensive as compared to insuring a scooter.
  • Insure multiple bikes with same company - Most of the companies will reduce price for premiums if you insure more than one bike with them. They provide multi-vehicle discount to such buyers.
  • Inquire about various discounts being offered - Normally, bike insurers offer discounts for age and members of motorcycle rider’s club. Determine if you can qualify for these to lower your premium rates.
  • Raise your deductibles - By raising deductibles it is possible to get insurance cost for motorcycle lowered. But you will have to make sure that you have enough money to cover up for the costs if a claim is to be submitted.
  • Drop collision coverage for older bikes - You may drop the idea of getting collision coverage if your bike is too old. However, while arriving at such a decision, also take into account deductibles and value of ride.
  • Rates can vary from insurer to insurer - You must know that motorcycle insurance rates are likely to vary from company to company. Hence, it is not advisable to assume that the first quote you get is the best one.
  • Compare policies with similar features - At the time of comparing motorbike insurance rates, it is necessary that you compare covers which have same type of coverage and have similar limitations.
  • Shop around in detail to find the best quote - To secure the best and the most affordable motorcycle insurance policy, you need to invest some time in conducting some detailed shopping online. Multiple quote comparison will fetch you the right quote.

2 Important Guidelines For Lowering Motorcycle Insurance Costs

To secure a low cost motorcycle insurance policy, you may consider the below mentioned aspects.

  • Try and maintain a safe driving record with fewer tickets for traffic violations or collisions. Take training course if possible.
  • To prevent vehicle theft, park motorcycle at proper parking place especially at night and make sure that its maintenance is being taken care of regularly. Older or deteriorating bikes may attract higher rates.